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al-mustafdini" [In Arabic, this is called "the doctor's conference of the Islamic era in Dubai"]. Al-Mahmudi was working in the educational system when he first met with the decision-makers and discussed the matter. The doctors expressed their interest in participation and the issues concerned with the conference, but they said that it is necessary to confirm what is happening and what is not. The doctor in charge of the conference was Dr. S.E.M. Ahmad, a member of the Executive Committee of the Muslim Medical Association (MMA). The meeting took place in a conference hall of the MMA. Dr. Ahmad explained to the participants that the conference had been organized because of the interest of the MMA in this matter and to inform them about the importance of this conference and what will be discussed. Dr. Ahmad presented a study on the importance of the family and its role in the formation of Muslims and Muslims of the world. The importance of this conference will be that it will contribute to the expansion of the Islamic culture by discussing the many medical issues that have been neglected in this domain and will also present the Islamic standards on medicine, which will be useful for the younger generation of the society. Al-Mahmudi asked the participants to reflect on the conference and confirm the importance of the conference and what is to be discussed. He reminded them of the great knowledge and knowledge of medicine that the Muslims, as Muslims, inherited and have not been neglected in our times and that it is necessary to share this knowledge with the younger generation. The conference participants agreed that the conference was a benefit for the society and a productive association. In the end, the participants approved the implementation of this conference and the organization of another one in the future. On the morning of the second day, Al-Mahmudi distributed a meeting and greeted the attendees. He presented the agenda of the conference, and he discussed with them the importance of this conference, the aims of the conference, and the importance of the conference's contents. He also presented himself, Dr. Bishr Abdul-Rahman Al-Mahmudi, and he welcomed the attendees to the conference. Dr. Ahmad welcomed the participants to the conference and explained to them the importance of the conference and what will be discussed in it. He presented the importance of the conference and how it is organized, its importance, and the importance of medicine. He discussed the role of the family and the family doctor and the role of



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Al-Rassam Al-Arabi

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