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How to adjust your automatic watch

Dernière mise à jour : 13 janv. 2021

Have you just purchased an automatic watch? Here are some tips to help you adjust and preserve it.

The crown on automatic watches has three positions: winding (position 1), setting the date (position 2) and setting the time (position 3).

Some models have a screw-down crown. In this case, the crown must first be unscrewed to put it in positon 1.

Position 1: Winding

An automatic watch winds itself using the energy produced by the wearer’s natural motion. However, to ensure the watch’s accuracy and prolong its life, it is advisable to wind it manually from time to time.

To wind your automatic watch, grip the crown between your thumb and index finger and turn it clockwise for approximately 30 rotations.

Position 2: Setting the date

To set the day and date, pull the crown out to position 2. Turn the crown anticlockwise to set the day of the week, and then turn the crown clockwise to set the date.

Note that you should not change the day or date when the time on your watch is in the so-called “danger zone” between 9:00 pm and 3:00 am. You could damage the mechanism!

Position 3: Setting the time

The hour and minute hands can be adjusted when the crown in is position 3. The time will be as precise as possible if you stop the seconds hand at 12 o’clock on the dot!

Note that the day and date change at 12:00 midnight and not at 12:00 noon. Move the hands forward. If the date changes as you pass the top of the dial, then it will be midnight. However, if the date does not change, then it will be noon. Push the crown back to its initial position (or to position 2) and the seconds hand will start running again.

Your automatic watch is finally adjusted. If it is a model with a screw-down crown, remember to screw the crown in to ensure that the watch remains watertight.

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