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Hamilton, devoted to instrument watches

Drawing on a rich history of producing watches for the armed forces, Hamilton unveils the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter. This collection is aimed at those seeking to take to the skies while keeping their feet on the ground.

Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1892, Hamilton lives up to its reputation as a precision watchmaker by combining Swiss engineering and highly sophisticated aerial equipment.

The brand that has been supplying the aviation community with precision watches for more than a century, from the US Mail Aviators in 1918 to today’s pilots, is no stranger to the world of aviation. With its Khaki Aviation Converter collection, the watchmaker is once again demonstrating its experience in this field and dedicating to new timepiece to modern aviators. The most striking feature of this pilot’s watch is the bidirectional rotating bezel. Its logarithmic gradations interact with the fixed scale around the dial to create a slide rule, a tool that allows pilots to make critical calculations mid-flight.

Serving as a true "inflight computer”, it is a feature that can be applied to critical factors like air speed, distance, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, or flight time. Moreover, it can carry out various unit conversions, including kilometres/nautical miles, pounds/kilogrammes, litres/gallons, feet/metres, or even currency conversions for pilots flying internationally.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Chronograph

Built with a sturdy 44 mm case, the Khaki Aviation Converter Chronograph shares the same instrument-inspired design with satin-brushed finishes as the other models in the same collection. Its dial features vintage-style hands and hour markers coated in Super-LumiNova® for optimal nighttime visibility.

The piece is driven by an H-21-Si movement, which is equipped with a high-tech silicon balance spring that neutralises powerful magnetic forces surrounding cockpits and builds up a 60-hour power reserve.


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