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For Christmas, go with jewellery

The end of the year is here, and this means, as usual, finding that perfect gift. And to be sure that you get it right, there is nothing better than a pretty piece of jewellery.

Here are Molitor’s suggestions for some original gifting pieces.

The stunning Menottes dinh van collection

In 1976, Jean Dinh Van created a bracelet with a clasp resembling a pair of handcuffs. This unique and ingenious piece that proudly flaunts its clasp, something that is normally hidden, is today the brand’s signature piece.

The new collection features a graphic ring with interlocking handcuffs available in yellow or white gold with inlaid diamonds. The collection also offers handcuffs hanging at the end of a chain necklace. Earrings are also an option, coming in the form of white gold hoops.

Beloved by both men and women, the Menottes pieces by dinh van are wonderful treasures.

The sweetness of Isabelle Langlois’ Mon Ange collection

My little guardian angel, unearthly beautiful and gracefully diaphanous. You look after those we tenderly love and in our hearts inspire for them feelings of a never-fading ardour.”

This new lovely and refined version of the angel consists of jewellery embellished with set stones.

Delicate and sweet looking, the pendants feature a cultured pearl and are adorned with white mother-of-pearl wings or come in pink mother-of-pearl adorned with a diamond. They can be worn alone or with others on a chain.

Moreover, a name can be engraved directly on the mother-of-pearl.

Idole Cabochon ring by Christofle

The new variation of the Idole de Christofle collection set with fine stones harmoniously combines character and sweetness. These cabochon-cut gemstones come in colours that enhance the elegance of solid silver.

Rhodochrosite, pink quartz, amethyst and topaz diffuse their beneficial properties through a refreshing design.

Molitor is also proud to offer custom-made jewellery, engravings and customisations made at its jewellery workshop.


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