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Faunacrystopolis, Baccarat’s symbolic collection

The new Faunacrystopolis collection was designed by artist and designer Jaime Hayon. Classic Baccarat figurines, these crystal animals express the importance for humanity of living in harmony with nature.

“Crystal is a fascinating and surprising material! Cut, sculpted, illuminated thanks to the talent of the craftsmen of baccarat, it reveals all its secrets,” remarks Jaime Hayon. And the Spanish artist goes on to assert that it is by exploring the infinite potential of the material that the magic is released.

Carnival of animals The designer offers a unique take on wildlife through a tribe of six crystal animals. In the words of the manufacturer, “He revisits existing codes to invent new forms and recreate the personality of each species: the silhouettes, all in roundness, are adorned with electric shades, deep cuts and geometric patterns”. The line is made up of a rabbit with erect ears, a mischievous monkey, a joyful frog, a fox with a pointed muzzle, an owl with a mesmerizing look and an adorable koala. Each piece, which is handcrafted by Baccarat artisans, symbolises the manufacturer’s extraordinary expertise. Placed on a Carrara marble plinth, the creatures celebrate the beauty of nature. Moreover, between fantasy and emotion, they symbolise the importance of protecting the surrounding environment. Baccarat, boundless creativity Besides these special animals, Faunacrystopolis includes many other crystal treasures. Indeed, the collection also features a chandelier, glasses engraved with drawings, jewellery and small decorative objects.

Clever as a monkey Round face and big ears, this animal doubles as a candleholder. Light, playful, with one eye open and the other closed, Jaime Hayon’s little monkey is insanely cute.

The lucky cat A traditional Japanese lucky charm, the Maneki-Neko is the beckoning cat who brings good fortune. Revisited by Jaime Hayon, the small feline is adorned with hand-applied gilded flourishes and original motifs.


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