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Ballon Bleu, precisely Cartier

Released in 2007, the Ballon Bleu line brings a creative and modern vision to Cartier watches. The collection offers a new take on watchmaking conventions with pieces that perfectly illustrate the renowned brand's unrestrained elegance.

Sleek lines and precise proportions. Meticulous forms and stunning details. The Ballon Bleu line embraces the concept of roundness through Cartier's creative impetus.

Ballon Bleu, sleek lines

Featuring a monobloc construction, the piece’s circular structure aspires to simplicity. Its spherical case encloses the lugs and crown cap. By combining varied shapes and volumes, these elements materialise the bases of geometry.

Precise proportions

With balanced and harmonious proportions, in the hand or on the wrist, this discreet reference to the coloured bubble meets the highest standards of comfort and convenience.

Although some variations are ultra-feminine, the models as a whole dispense with the notion of gender and adapt to all wrists in search of sophistication.

Ballon Bleu, stunning details

Part of the watch’s name comes from the design of the lugs, which resemble how a hot air balloon tapers down toward the basket. Bleu, meanwhile, refers to the colour of the spinel, the precious stone adorning the crown.

Meanwhile, its intuitive aesthetics is full of stunning details. Symbolising refinement, it entices watch connoisseurs with its bold look integrating the blue bubble of the winder under its metal arch.

Meticulous forms

Recognisable among all the circular timepieces in the world of watchmaking, this watch has become a Cartier icon, just like the Tank, the Panthère and the Santos.

In its domed sapphire case, this innovative piece combines the effects of depth and optical illusion. Moreover, by playing with Cartier's aesthetic codes, the collection incorporates the celebrated "rail track" in a new, transformed way. The Roman numerals on the guilloché dial are shifted and the rail-track minute circle alters its course around the winder.

With its own special aura, it marks a turning point in the heritage of the Swiss watchmaker, whose historical models have a square, rectangular, cushion or barrel shape. Whether in steel, white gold or rose gold, with or without diamonds, the Ballon Bleu is a gravitational piece in the world of Cartier watchmaking…

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